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Privacy: the foundation of all other human rights

Don’t think you need privacy, huh? Think again.

Privacy protects our freedom to be who we are. It stops people from using our personal information in ways we don’t want. It stops bad actors from hurting us or the ones we love. Without privacy, we have no control over our lives.

Essential reads about the importance of privacy

Need proof? Here’s an ever-growing list of situations where a lack of privacy has real-life consequences

  1. Stealing everything you’ve ever typed or viewed on your own Windows PC is now possible with two lines of code — inside the Copilot+ Recall disaster.
  2. UK woman mistaken as shoplifter by Facewatch, now she’s banned from all stores with facial recognition tech
  3. Students Target Teachers in Group TikTok Attack, Shaking Their School
  4. Data-Hungry Dating Apps Are Worse Than Ever for Your Privacy
  5. Apple’s Photo Bug Exposes the Myth of ‘Deleted’
  6. Meta-provided Facebook chats led a woman to plead guilty to abortion-related charges
  7. WhatsApp Moderators Can Read Your Messages
  8. iPhone owners say the latest iOS update is resurfacing deleted nudes
  9. Scammers are targeting teenage boys on social media—and driving some to suicide.
  10. Google engineers want to introduce DRMs for web pages, making ad-blocking near-impossible in the browser
  11. Zoom’s updated Terms of Service permit training AI on user content without Opt-Out
  12. AI is quietly being used to pick your pocket
  13. Maker of Chrome extension with 300,000+ users tells of constant pressure to sell out
  14. People in San Francisco Are Mad That a New App Lets You Spy on Bars to See How Busy They Are
  15. Automakers Are Sharing Consumers’ Driving Behavior With Insurance Companies
  16. Mozilla says Apple’s new browser rules are ‘as painful as possible’ for Firefox
  17. How Evangelicals Use Digital Surveillance to Target the Unconverted
  18. Masked protesters could soon face arrest, says Home Office
  19. It’s Official: Cars Are the Worst Product Category We Have Ever Reviewed for Privacy
  20. Google’s new AI search results promotes sites pushing malware, scams
  21. $5 billion Google lawsuit over ‘Incognito mode’ tracking moves a step closer to trial
  22. Facebook let Netflix see user DMs, quit streaming to keep Netflix happy: Lawsuit
  23. European Court of Human Rights Confirms: Weakening Encryption Violates Fundamental Rights
  24. Chromium Manifest V3 Explained for Toddlers
  25. Dropbox is sharing users’ files with OpenAI, here’s how to opt out
  26. Florida Man Sues G.M. and LexisNexis Over Sale of His Cadillac Data
  27. Google will no longer hold onto people’s location data in Google Maps — meaning it can’t turn that info over to the police
  28. Today The UK Parliament Undermined The Privacy, Security, And Freedom Of All Internet Users
  29. The shady world of Brave selling copyrighted data for AI training
  30. As the Internet Gets Scarier, More Parents Keep Their Kids’ Photos Offline
  31. Proton Mail says that the new Outlook app for Windows is Microsoft’s new data collection service
  32. From its start, Gmail conditioned us to trade privacy for free services
  33. Google agrees to destroy browsing data collected in Incognito mode
  34. Revealed: Home Office secretly lobbied for facial recognition ‘spy’ company
  35. Marketing Company Claims That It Actually Is Listening to Your Phone and Smart Speakers to Target Ads
  36. 96% of US hospital websites share visitor info with Meta, Google, data brokers
  37. Signal’s Meredith Whittaker scorns anti-encryption efforts as ‘parochial, magical thinking’
  38. Chrome updates Incognito warning to admit Google tracks users in “private” mode
  39. US House approves FISA renewal – warrantless surveillance and all
  40. Scary AT&T breach leaks up to 70 million Social Security numbers to the dark web
  41. Brave appears to install VPN Services without user consent
  42. Backdoors that let cops decrypt messages violate human rights, EU court says
  43. Verizon Gave Her Data to a Stalker. ‘This Has Completely Changed My Life’
  44. Cops Used DNA to Predict a Suspect’s Face—and Tried to Run Facial Recognition on It
  45. Fake Cisco Webex Google Ads abuse tracking templates to push malware
  46. Stalker ‘found Japanese singer through reflection in her eyes’
  47. Colorado Supreme Court Upholds Keyword Search Warrant - a digital dragnet tool that allows law enforcement to identify everyone who searched the internet for a specific term or phrase.
  48. They criticized Israel. This Twitter account upended their lives.
  49. How Political Campaigns Use Your Data to Target You, and What You Can Do to Protect Your Privacy
  50. To Address Online Harms, We Must Consider Privacy First
  51. Instagram Advertises Nonconsensual AI Nude Apps